About equity partnerships ...

An equity partnership is an us + you scenario – we go into business together. The amount of equity exchanged and all other terms of the agreement can be customized based on the services we provide ...
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The Marketer Loft
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Revealing a better way
Web design.
Creating the WOW! factor
Building your bottom line
Social media.
Keeping companies connected
Solving your greatest challenges
Visually appealing presentations
What we do
Our team of industry leading experts use a consultative approach, carefully crafted strategic plan, and the power of our winning online solutions to position our clients for success.
  Strategic consulting
Aligning your business with ours can be the best decision you’ve ever made. Our consultants consist of a team of PhDs and MBAs who have a passion for creating winning strategies. They take on a leadership role to implement solutions and work through even the most challenging projects on your company’s behalf.
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  Website design
We aren’t too shy to admit it - our designers are indeed among the very best in the industry. Their fervor, artistic talent, and steadfast commitment to producing spectacular results is evident to anyone who spends a few minutes viewing our own websites or those of our clients.
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  Online marketing
Online marketing is as much art as it is science, and no two businesses will have identical needs. For these reasons, we never use the same approach. Instead, we analyze the needs of our client and then custom tailor our strategy to include a variety of solutions aimed at garnering the desired results.
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  Social media
You don’t have to hire an in-house team of communications experts to harness the enormous power of social media. Our talented team of professionals work behind the scenes to offer our clients comprehensive social media management and marketing solutions.
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  Online reputation management
If you’re not proud of your company’s online reputation, the worst thing you can do is avoid looking at the undesirable results. After all, prospective clients and customers are reading everything and using the information at hand to make business decisions. We use our knowledge and expertise to transform even the most terrible online results into positive online reputations.
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  Video Production
We can custom create online videos that showcase what you do and creatively present members of your team, your clients, or even your company’s vision and values. For maximum exposure, videos can be attractively displayed on your website and across a variety of online platforms.
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Those who work with us quickly realize that we place great value on professional integrity, competence, and being good communicators. Our clients appreciate these qualities and gain access to our entire team of talented professionals through a single point of contact.

Apps by TML
Apps by TML
Transform your website into a powerful sales, retention, and engagement tool. Our very own App Division provides websites apps and next generation technology solutions that enable your website to perform.